ASMA membership supports all Alaska physicians, solo and group, primary care and specialists.  Represented by an elected Board of Trustees and supported by a small but dedicated staff, ASMA works every day to preserve and promote the best healthcare in Alaska.

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ASMA Online Medical Directory (OMD)

The ASMA Online Medical Directory (OMD) contains contact information in a searchable database, this database includes both members and non-members.  Member listings can include additional information and a photo.  You can search for MD/DO/PA providers by any combination of:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Speciality
This directory is viewable only, if you are looking for mailing labels or some other export of our database, please click the appropriate link and return the form to [email protected]
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ALPAC is the Alaska Medical Political Action Committee of the state medical association.  Contributions to ALPAC support state political candidates advocating issues in the best interest of medicine in Alaska. Contributions must be from a personal account, not a business account.  If you have any questions regarding your contributions please email Cassie Jeanes, ASMA Office Manager at [email protected].

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